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Our partners have interviewed over 1000 recruiters in Greater China/Asia over the last 5 years so we have structured our culture, compensation and support infrastructure to exceed the expectations of the top 10% recruiters in the market.

At CGP we provide

An Ownership Culture
We enable every team member to unleash their potential to develop their business with an entrepreneurial focus and then reward them for the value they bring to their business and the overall company. To meet the needs of our candidates and clients each Consultant is empowered to make decisions to meet these needs.

Highest Compensation Payout In The Industry
CGP believes that each person should be compensated based on the value they create for the company and therefore we have a compensation structure that rewards top performers through market leading salaries, commissions, team overrides, profit sharing and our company equity plan. No other firm distributes more back to their producers than CGP.

A Global Platform
Through our offices and our affiliate offices we can provide global support to our clients that are expanding in or outside of the region through our 6 offices in Asia over 70 affiliate offices in the US.

World-Class Training and Development
Our partnership team has industry leading resources to develop top 20% Consultants and Leaders to the next level. With our combination of market leading in-house and external solutions we have training and development solutions for all levels of Consultants and Leaders.

World-Class Operational Support
Our partners have over 80 combined years of international recruitment industry experience and have developed industry leading tools to allow top performers to focus on client and candidate solutions not time-consuming operational and administrative distractions.

Industry and Functional Focused Specialists Without Geographic Restrictions
Since we are an Asia centric firm our Consultants and Practice Heads are not limited by geography as they serve their clients and candidates. We make our decisions based on what is right for our clients and candidates.

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