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CGP Ranked 1st | TopHR 2018 Recruitment Agency Rankings – China

8 May 2018 – TOPHR published the 2018 China Headhunting Industry Ranking, after evaluating nearly 1,000 recruitment companies. CGP (“Shanghai Cornerstone Global Partners Co. Ltd”) was recognized as the “Most Promising Local Headhunting Agency” and was rated top three overall among domestically invested headhunting agencies.

This continues the pattern over the past several months of CGP receiving top awards and notable industry recognition. All of which portends an extraordinary 2018!

The official TOPHR press release contains addition insight into the rankings and a must-read analysis of headhunting trends.

Over the past year, China’s headhunting industry was described as “magnificent” and it was recognized that “talent is the first resource.” This state of affairs was earned by the hard work, professionalism, and effectiveness of the headhunting industry.

As China’s leading human resources third-party media platform, TOPHR has conducted “China Headhunting Industry Ranking” for four consecutive years, and its analysis has included nearly a thousand headhunting agencies.