Refer a friend and get Rewarded!

Recommend your friends and earn RMB 5,000/HKD 6,000/SGD 1,000/USD 750 when they accept a job through CGP.

  1. Who are you recommending?
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  3. Their Quick Contacts
  4. Tell us his or her industry
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  • Bank Managers
  • Telecom Customer Reps
  • Web Developers
  • Systems Engineers
  1. Each referral is valid for 9 months from the time the candidate was recommended to CGP.  You will receive an email confirming the date of the referral for your records.
  2. Person referred must be willing to submit their resume and be interviewed.  We track the referral and the referee together so you will know when your referral receives an offer.
  3. Fee is paid upon the candidate passing probation.
  4. Fee is paid even if the person referred is already in our database.  The only exception is if the referred person has already been interviewed for the role prior to your referral.